Sanius Health to Launch Haematology Patient and Carers Congress 2024

Distilled Post Editorial Team

London, UK (1 September 2023) - On March 2024, The Haematology Patient and Carers Congress (HPCC) will take place in London to address critical needs and pave innovative paths that place patients at the centre.

Organised by Sanius Health following extensive national surveys, the HPCC agenda focuses on the biggest unmet needs uncovered over the past year. Immersive workshops, dynamic panels and thought-provoking presentations will spark collaborative solutions across: 

- Revolutionising Access to Clinical Trials: Accelerating patient participation to speed new treatment development.

- Elevating Real World Evidence: Establishing processes for patients to inform care guidance directly.

- Energising Patient Involvement in Research: Integrating patient insights throughout the research lifecycle.

- Co-Creating Future Therapies: Channelling patient experiences into fulfilling needs.

- Conquering Medicines Adherence Challenges: Optimising adherence through cross-disease collaboration.

- Cross-Pollinating Learning: Sharing quality of life learnings across haematology.

“The HPCC represents an unprecedented opportunity to synergise perspectives among patients, carers and clinicians,” said Orlando Agrippa. “By integrating voices across the community, we can pioneer solutions that truly serve patients.”

Central to the Congress is amplifying the experiences of those living with haematological diseases. The congress will embed lived experiences into system level to realise patient-centred haematology care. The congress will also launch the Patient-Focused Drug Development Pipeline Scoring System to empower patients and foster collaboration between patients and pharma, driving meaningful advancements in healthcare. This system will be instrumental in developing treatments that truly resonate with patients.

From reimagining clinical trials, treatments, and technologies to optimising adherence, coordination and education, the HPCC will yield a comprehensive roadmap to transform UK haematology centred on patient needs and preferences.

Get involved with the HPCC email hello@saniushealth.com

Learn more and pre-register for the 2024 event at https://patientcongress.com