Sanius Health, a London-based RWE Generation Firm and AI-Powered Patient Ecosystem, Pivotal in NICE Approval of Novel Sickle Cell Disease Therapy Voxelotor for NHS use

Distilled Post Editorial Team

The recent approval by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to make Voxelotor (Oxbryta) available on the NHS for Sickle Cell Disease patients was supported by key real-world evidence provided by Sanius Health, the largest patient databank and ecosystem for Sickle Cell Disease patients.

During the Technology Appraisal process,NICE's independent advisory committee carefully weighed clinical trial data against real-world insights from Sanius Health. Drawing from their unparalleled database of sickle cell patient experiences globally, a source reported that Sanius Health’s data was quoted as key in a compelling real-world complement. It was frequently quoted that Sanius Health's extensive real-world data and evidence was critical in demonstrating their findings on the clinical effectiveness and potential impact of Voxelotor for patients with SCD. Sanius' data provided a compelling real-world complement to support the overall approval decision.

Sanius Health’s work cuts across multiple domains in accelerating research and evidence generation for faster therapy approvals, with the patient voice and unmet need powering this new way of producing real-world insights. As one of the largest cohorts of patients with SCD, Sanius leads the way in terms of innovative research and driving access to therapies. Orlando Agrippa, Chief Executive Officer of Sanius Health, said that the company is “thrilled that Voxelotor has been approved as it promises to improve the quality of life for thousands living with sickle cell disease”:


“After years of working on the evidence-generation strategy around Oxbryta, today marks a truly emotional day for us. It was one of the first therapies we started to work on within SCD, with our mission being to support the many industry partners we work with in providing access to new and novel therapies. Despite multiple setbacks, Sanius was able to deliver a successful result for patients — choice for patients, clinicians, better access and better outcomes being at the core of our motivation.”

Sanius Health’s analyses demonstrated remarkable reductions in vaso-occlusive crises, acute chest syndrome episodes, and other life-disrupting complications experienced by patients initiating Voxelotor. Within the Sanius Health patient ecosystem, Voxelotor users have shared extraordinary stories of improved quality of life, reduced pain, and substantial energy level increases.

“This ground-breaking approval means patients now have the opportunity to access this innovative tablet treatment that aims to improve energy levels and reduce pain from veno-occlusive crises”, added Dr. Sanne Lugthart, Clinical Director Haematology at Sanius Health. “We would love to see how patients get on with Voxelotor and monitor how their outcomes improve through our supportive patient ecosystem at Sanius”

About Sanius Health

Sanius Health is an award-winning AI-powered digital data bank and patient ecosystem committed to enhancing patient outcomes, improving the quality of life, expediting evidence generation, research, and facilitating access to care for patients with haematological disorders, malignancies, rare diseases, and long-term medical conditions.


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