Nala’s Baby: Innovation-Driven Baby Skincare Line to Launch at Boots UK on 20th of June, 2022


Set to land in 400 stores across the UK, parents can be reassured that every item in the range has been rigorously and proudly dermatologist and paediatrician approved, as well cruelty free, vegan, eczema friendly, tear free, and recyclable.

The Priority: Safe Ingredients and Accessibility

The concept of Nala’s Baby was quite literally cooked up to cater to the 1 in 5 infants who suffer from childhood eczema today. Thanks to the gentleness and scientifically-backed quality of its product range, Nala’s Baby has given several families and children relief from eczema and other atopic skincare conditions.

As a result of the care and dedication behind its development, the Nala’s Baby line includes hand-picked ingredients that are suitable for all skincare and hair types, free from toxins, chemicals, parabens and cruelty.

As far as innovation goes, the range’s success speaks to the fact that naturally sourced and developed alternatives can truly cater to the skincare needs of young children and their families. Derived from 99% organic and natural ingredients, the range uses scientific innovation to enhance the dermatological benefits of oats, coconut, hibiscus, Vitamin E, camomile, shea, aloe and lavender; long-time skincare heroes for young and adult skin.

After two years in the making, the brand is primed to provide families all over the UK with a skincare alternative that can finally relieve crucial skin concerns. Over 94% of young families who have tested Nala’s Baby products have said that the line was suitable for their children’s sensitive skin. Since its launch, the range has also gained a perfect zero rating on Think Dirty, an app dedicated to finding harmful chemicals and risks in personal care products.

Nala’s Baby: Innovative and Inclusive Beginnings  

The rising popularity behind Nala’s Baby speaks for itself. Born of true innovation and care, every product within the skincare range takes into consideration the worries parents from across the UK have for their children.

Perhaps more than any newborn skincare range in the market, Nala’s Baby voices, and answers, concerns regarding true inclusivity. Above all, the range takes into account the unique needs of young and diverse skin and hair. At each stage of product development, every product has been trialled and tested for universal suitability; so that no every skincare and haircare issue can be cared for and soothed.

The story behind Nala’s Baby speaks to the need to drive deeper conversations around two key areas: the first, the need to produce better and inclusive skincare alternatives for young children. The second, the need for equity and opportunities for minority-owned businesses across the UK.

The enthusiasm and drive behind Nala’s Baby should be clear indications to investors that the UK skincare and cosmetics market is hungry for brands that champion the concerns of young, minority families. The brand’s success flies in the face of the many challenges that British Black entrepreneurs face in the market today. In a recent interview, Krept described the uphill battle – and victory – in raising a ‘seven figure investment’ for the brand:

“We also needed to raise a seven-figure investment to develop it despite the challenges facing British black entrepreneurs, (between 2009 and 2019 Black founders received just 0.24 per cent of venture funding). But we got there. I’m proud of how Sasha and I have done this together for our child, ourselves, and our community.”

Krept himself states that ‘community’, and the ‘love for [his] daughter’ have only ‘sharpened’ his focus to produce products that any family, anywhere, can use.

“Helping others is the best way to live and to bring greatness into the world. Being a father has sharpened that focus for me. To me, it means learning and growing every day. I’m a better person today than I was yesterday, and that’s because I have Nala as my daughter.”

As a company built on making innovation and inclusivity the norm for children’s skincare, Nala’s Baby is primed to lead the march towards equitable and accessible representation within the market.