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Healthcare Industry Spotlight: Orlando Agrippa, CEO of Sanius Health

Distilled Post Editorial Team

Sanius Health: On taking a patient-centred and clinically led approach to the issues around patient flow and discharge instead of the conventional operational flow approaches.

In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen a shift towards patient-centred care. Trusts and Systems across the UK are moving away from traditional models, which focus on optimising and minimising costs. These models, which previously left patients feeling rushed, confused and uninformed about their care, are increasingly becoming a thing of the past.


Instead, organisations are turning towards new approaches, which start with empowering patients to manage their own care. One critical aspect of patient-centred care is the flow and discharge process, which has the potential to revolutionise patient care.


The CEO and founder of Sanius Health, Orlando Agrippa, has dedicated most of his life to healthcare and understands the critical nature of patient flow, discharge, and community management. Reflecting on the evolving health landscape, he is encouraged by the steady but evident changes in care. 


However, Orlando notes that despite numerous attempts and innovations to improve these processes, many digitally-led solutions still fall short. This is because they do not prioritise patient and health equity from the outset. He believes this is where Sanius Heath comes in.


“Our core model and programme around system flow prioritises the patient experience. We have successfully supported Trusts and over 600 patients with multiple, complex comorbidities using our technology and approach. These include patients across respiratory, musculoskeletal, frailty pathways and others.”

Empowering patients to understand better and manage their health

Sanius Health offers patients a unique, longitudinal view of their daily health outcomes. This means patients can access continuous digital engagement and remote monitoring, allowing for proactive health management outside secondary care settings.


"We focus on the patient's individual requirements and have built Sanius Health around meeting unmet needs. Because of this, members of our community are seeing better outcomes, and systems experiencing less impact on flow.”


The importance of clinical engagement has allowed Sanius Health to accelerate adoption; the technology allows clinicians to view key information and use it to proactively manage care and support patients to adhere to their treatment plans, ultimately keeping them healthy and out of the hospital.


The advanced insights provided by Sanius Health can help identify and highlight potential health events that may occur outside of care settings. By catching these issues early, patients can receive prompt care and avoid hospital admissions, reducing the demand for emergency departments and the first entry point for healthcare.

Keeping Patients Out of A&E and Out of Hospital

’Given the current circumstances, it is unsurprising that many people are hesitant to seek care at Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments. While A&E departments serve a vital role in providing emergency care to patients who are seriously ill or injured, recent years have seen a significant increase in demand for these services. Unfortunately, this surge in demand has coincided with staff shortages and limited resources, resulting in a number of significant challenges for A&E departments.


Orlando states that this sentiment is echoed in the hundreds of patients he works with at Sanius Health, “Through a recent survey, we found that hundreds of patients strongly disliked A&E and being admitted. Nevertheless, many of these patients are rushed to A&E monthly due to living with conditions like Sickle Cell, Myeloma, Asthma, and more.”


“We have made significant investments and demonstrated our ability to offer a different approach to patients, flow, discharge, and efficiency. We want to collaborate with trust, community, primary care, Local Authority, and ICB colleagues to enhance flow, outcomes, and cost.”



Looking Forward

Sanius Health is a strategic partner at this year's Health Systems Patient Flow Summit 2023 and will showcase its technology and how it can support partners with better patient flow, engagement and discharge.

Orlando invites all event attendees who are interested in collaborating with Sanius Health on innovative solutions to enhance patient flow, facilitate discharges, and optimise patient management within the community to get in touch with him and the team.

To learn more, get in touch with the Sanius Health team at: info@saniushealth.com