Congratulations to South West Provider Collaborative and Lead Provider Devon Partnership Trust: Nominated for HSJ’s Provider Collaboration of the Year!

Distilled Post

SWPC has been chosen to be a finalist for the prestigious HSJ Provider Collaboration of the Year Award, due to its work in transforming outcomes for people with mental health conditions at scale. Supported by Cambio UK, they achieved this by developing measures that track and improve patient flow across their entire system. 

The HSJ Provider Collaboration Award recognises the work carried out at all levels to align priorities between provider organisations, which leads to greater efficiency and the development of person-centred services. It awards regional, national and inter-system networks that support patients through sharing resources and capabilities. 


In developing its new service models, SWPC focused on patient, stakeholder and provider partners' priorities; namely, to address variability in identifying clinical need, service access and clinical outcomes across SWPC’s six ICSs. They developed a new and fast-tracked approach, following piloting as a wave one New Care Model within specialised mental health. 


This new approach is supported by digital innovation and, at its core, new methods to support patient centricity. SWPC worked with Cambio UK to develop a digital system on the back of its clinically developed single point of access, single regional bed management system and single governance framework. This system was developed and trialled across the region with the digital solution, with great success. 


The new solution improved upon previous approaches, wherein each provider would maintain its own local access criteria and information systems.Prior to implementing this new solution, there were limited means to ensure that bed or patient management systems were in place, and no two systems were the same despite there being national service specifications. 


By implementing one system from the single point of access through to assessment and quality controls, Cambio UK and SWPC partnered in removing variability and enabling a real-time approach


The results of this partnership created significant improvements inpatient care. It allowed clinical teams to engage with a transparent overview for all patients on the timeliness of referral and access to services. Partner organisations were able to sight visibility of bed availability, referrals and access pathways. This was particularly useful in cases when a complex mix of patients presented on a single unit. In addition, the solution enhanced the triaging function on urgency criteria, improving better decision-making, risk management and admission avoidance.


Above all, the solution allowed SWPC to provide a better care experience for patients. In providing secure care, patients were able to seek and receive treatment closer to home; meaning that they could pursue their health journeys closer to family and loved ones. SWPC organisations were also able to move individual care into the community more quickly, enabling individuals to be able to live a full, more meaningful life, supported by a specialised community forensic team.

To learn more about how Cambio UK supports provider collaboratives, get in touch with the team at: info@cambiohealthcare.uk